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North Notts Lions area extends from Misson/Misterton in the North to

Wheatley/Leverton in the South. From the Trent in the East to Bawtry/Barnby Moor in the West.

The main focus of our work is local. We fundraise locally,  you may have seen the Xmas float out in your area in December bringing Santa to see all the children.  Santa also visits disabled people in their own homes. We run raffles for hampers and Easter Eggs.  We also put on local Race Nights  and a  Golf Day each year to fundraise.  In short, we are open to any idea that will allow us to fundraise to support our work.  We are totally self supporting and so we are proud to say that every penny we raise goes into the local community with around 10% going to support LCIF in their effort to bring relief to the worldwide community.

Lions  Clubs International

serving Worldwide for 100 yrs

North Notts Lions

serving your community for

approaching 50 years

North Notts Lions Club was formed in 1969. It was one of the first Lions Clubs in this area. Each club is completely autonomous in its own area and carries out charitable works there. For larger projects we may join forces with other clubs local to us to generate the necessary funding. At the international level clubs worldwide contribute as they see fit in response to appeals for aid (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc) via our Lions Clubs International Foundation or LCIF for short.

Thank you to all our team of Lions.  You have all done a splendid job in the work that you have all carried out during November/December period of 2016. 

Surely showing that we are all “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. 

We now look forward to celebrating the centenary year of Lions Clubs International.

This year we aim to do more to let our community know just what Lions do.  Other clubs have found, as we have, that there are still people out there that have never heard of Lions.  Still others think that we are just a small local club.  Most of those who do know us are aware that we collect money but are not aware of how we use this money.

Our new 2017 DVD “Who are Lions and what do they do?” is now ready and is currently on the home page of this website.  We hope to distribute this DVD widely to the public and to all our sponsors. 

We are also producing another “Sight First” DVD to be used in this our centenary year for Lions.

We hope that once again a captioned version will be played in our local Opticians all day and every day for the whole of Sight Week which is usually during the month of October.  We are also determined to get as many Schools involved in Sight Week as we can this year.  It is really important that children understand how lucky we are in this country to receive eye care when we need it. 

Adults and children across the world are not so lucky.

If you are a Lion from another club please do pay close attention to the video (DVD) currently on our home page “Who are Lions and What do they do”.  This video (DVD) can for a small contribution be altered specifically for your club. 

The video will have an introduction which reflects your club and the conclusion will also reflect your club.  All you would need to do is to supply us with Photo’s and or video showing your club at work.  These will be inserted into the video from the page on the current film which shows a pair of hands and states that every penny we receive etc. Please make sure to show people wearing club regalia.  Let us have a commentary which reflects what you are showing in your videos and photos and we will do the rest. 

You will be provided with a completed video which you can copy and distribute as much as you like.

One comment made of this DVD so far was “does it reflect a little too much of what Lions do internationally?”  Well during this our centenary year we feel that it should.  However reflect on why this might be the case.  When devastating floods occurred in the North of England a little while ago we contacted all of the clubs in the area requesting that they take photos and video showing the great work that was taking place by Lions in order that these could be used for the last DVD we produced “An Introduction to Lions Clubs”.  We received only two photos.  The comment we got from one club president was “we are busy and in any case we don’t believe in the self promotion of Lions”.  Hardly a case of letting our community, who have given so generously to us know how we spend the money that they have contributed.

The last time the writer explained to someone who really did think that Lions was just a local club, who lions are what where the money donated was used he received the following comment “the next time I see Lions instead of just a few coppers, I will be putting in a few pounds”.   This comment surely shows the power of self promotion.  So let’s answer the question why it might be the case that more of our International work is shown.  The reason?  If we are not supplied with material we can’t put it in.  So come on Lions let’s start shouting about what we do.

If you don’t currently have any photos or video why not start right now making a record of what you do as a club.  Please remember to take the best quality possible photos and video, this is really important as the results will be so much better that poor quality ones.

How to get them to us?  Either on a DVD or why not open a “Drop Box Account” this can be opened free of charge you can then upload all your videos and photos to your “Drop Box” and you will then be able to send a link by email to anyone  that you want to receive these files.

We shall as North Notts Lions shortly be running another race night, all are welcome to come and join us for an evening of fun and a pie and peas supper.

Once again if you are from another Lions Club and you have never run a race night but would like to learn how, come and join us you will be made most welcome and we will happily explain how to make your own race night a success.

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