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North Notts Lions area extends from Misson/Misterton in the North to

Wheatley/Leverton in the South. From the Trent in the East to Bawtry/Barnby Moor in the West.

The main focus of our work is local. We fundraise locally,  you may have seen the Xmas float out in your area in December bringing Santa to see all the children.  Santa also visits disabled people in their own homes. We run raffles for hampers and Easter Eggs.  We also put on local Race Nights  and a  Golf Day each year to fundraise.  In short, we are open to any idea that will allow us to fundraise to support our work.  We are totally self supporting and so we are proud to say that every penny we raise goes into the local community with around 10% going to support LCIF in their effort to bring relief to the worldwide community.

Lions  Clubs International

serving Worldwide for 100 yrs

North Notts Lions

serving your community for

approaching 50 years

North Notts Lions Club was formed in 1969. It was one of the first Lions Clubs in this area. Each club is completely autonomous in its own area and carries out charitable works there. For larger projects we may join forces with other clubs local to us to generate the necessary funding. At the international level clubs worldwide contribute as they see fit in response to appeals for aid (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc) via our Lions Clubs International Foundation or LCIF for short.

North Notts Lion President 2017

Lion Ray Simpson

Presentation at District Convention

Lion John Simpson (left) with North Notts Lions  Vice President Lion John Farrer

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is an education program.

DARE project presentation afternoon at Misterton School 24 May.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is an education program that seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior.

North Notts Lions are proud to have been supporting Misterton School in this project. The group shown in our photographs are year 6 students graduating .

The Dare Officer was Mrs Hunt-Brown

Students who enter the program sign a pledge not to use drugs or join gangs and are informed by local police officers about the Government's beliefs about the dangers of recreational drug use in an interactive in-school curriculum which lasts several weeks.

Every year North Notts Lions manage to surpass themselves in what they have been able to achieve.

This year North Notts Lions have been awarded the Trophy for the best presented Scrapbook at the District Convention. 

Lions achieve so much in the community and worldwide that all clubs keep a scrapbook (year book) where all letters, emails and photos that we receive from those expressing their gratitude to North Notts Lions for what they have done are kept.  Our very heartfelt thanks to all of our fellow Lions for all of the hard work you have done.  Our very special thanks of course go to Lion Malcolm Moody.  The composition of our our scrap book as with all of Malcolm’s art work was excellent.  So Malcolm from all of North Notts Lions a very big thank you for all that you do for us.  We should mention Malcolm’s wife at this point, she also deserves our thanks for all the help that she gives to Malcolm especially at Christmas time where many hours are spent counting all of the pennies and other money that you our community give to us.  Thank you so much for all of your help.

North Notts Lions really do serve their community very well but we also work on an International scale.

Lion John Simpson has been in charge of our International work for many years.  This year Lion John Simpson was awarded a special Trophy at the District Convention as a mark of grateful thanks for all he has done on his International work.

By receiving these awards not just from their club but from the District in which they serve shows that their splendid work is appreciated and recognised.  Well done Lion Malcolm and Lion John.

Photos show Lion President with the awards and Lion John Simpson with Vice President Lion John Farrer at the District Convention where the awards were received.

North Notts Lions help to Celebrate 100 Years of Service

This year marks the centenary year of Lions Clubs International. Lions have been serving the worldwide community for 100 years. North Notts Lions have been serving their community for over 42 yrs and we are proud to still have some original members still serving the community.

Over 1.4 million Lions serving in over 200 clubs across the world also support LCIF, Lions Club International Foundation, providing relief when disasters occur, water to those who have none and sight clinics to bring relief to those who have a visual impairment or who are totally blind. LCIF have also joined with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to eradicate measles. Since its inception LCIF have raised and used over $100 million. Along with “Water Aid and “Sight First” Recently North Notts Lions sent a donation of £500 to both the “Water Aid” program and the “Sight First” projects run by LCIF along with collecting hundreds of kilos of old spectacles. These are then recycled and sent to those in need across Asia and Africa bringing sight to those who otherwise would be struggling to see.

Every year each new President of North Notts Lions selects a charity that they would like us to support. This year the charity was the Bassetlaw Hospice. We contacted Ian Hall, the Charity Administrator, to ask what they needed and how we could help.

A much needed piece of equipment was purchased which will help both patients and staff. This ‘Dinamap’ equipment allows staff to take Blood pressure, Pulse, Temperature and oxygen levels without the need to use different machines and the real benefit is that it is portable and so can be moved quickly and easily to different locations within the Hospice.

North Notts Lions are really pleased to have been given the opportunity to provide this much needed equipment. In the past North Notts Lions have also provided a special chair for use in different therapies. This is still serving the hospice well. The majority of the money for this new equipment was raised by holding a Race Night along with pie and peas supper and the balance needed to bring the total sum up to £1000 was provided by North Notts Lions. Lions have provided for their local community meeting the needs of locals, by providing defibrillator machines in the different villages within our area, they have provided football kit for local teams, cooking ovens for scouts and beavers. Play mats have been purchased for local play groups and young people have been helped to attend international camps in Africa to help build a school along with many more projects. Do you think we do a good job? Would you like to get involved helping in your community. We are actively looking for more like minded men and women to join us in our vital work. We have no upper age limit and we would also like to encourage younger members of our community to come and join us. Come and meet with us, let us tell you how you too can help. We have a DVD available which will tell you all you need to know and which will help you understand further just what we are able achieve. Remember every penny we raise goes into the work that we manage to achieve. You can contact us to enquire about joining us or to request the DVD. Just email to We are just ‘ordinary people’ doing ‘extraordinary things’ and we really do look forward to meeting you and discussing with you how you can help both our local and international work.

Humber Bridge Event 7th June 2017

To mark 100 years of Service by Lions Clubs Internationa,l North Notts Lions will be joining with other Lions Clubs in our district in an effort to collect and place 20,500 tins of food across the entire length of the Humber Bridge.

These will then be collected and distrubuted to food kitchens and food banks in our district area.

Much more on this later.

Children are our future

North Notts Lions really do believe that ‘Children are our future’.  With this in mind, North Notts Lions have with the help of a Lion member Tom Allen a retired teacher, been striving to help children in our local schools.  We have encouraged the ‘Dare Project’ in local schools which teaches children the importance of saying NO to drugs and helps them to understand how destructive bullying can be.  We have also helped with reading projects, presenting books of their choice to those who need a little special help with their reading skills. 

Helping children to be confident and safe around water has also been our aim and with this in mind children from Misterton school were taken for a special day of water safety training and instruction on how to sail a small boat. 

Our next project will be to encourage as many schools in our area to take part in our World Sight Week project.  A special DVD is being prepared to help children understand what it is like to have either no sight or limited vision.  Again, an anti-bullying theme will be incorporated in this DVD.  We are so pleased to be able to offer the help of Tom in presenting this to the children in a way that will help them understand fully what it is like to be blind or visually impaired and to help them understand how they can help in their local community and in the worldwide effort to prevent and to treat those suffering from visual impairment.

Once again this year's Golf Day was a great success.  Over £2,180 was raised and will be donated  to Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.  A very big thank you from all at North Notts Lions to all the players and to our sponsors.

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